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How Medicine Waste Is Disposed and Treated

Medical is gotten from the word medicine which is the study and practice of medicine. It involves the study, act of researching on how to treat illnesses in human and animals. Bandages, gloves, scalpels, scissors, injections and other equipment is used in treating illnesses. Most of this equipment are thrown away after use since they should remain unshared among patients. This bring about medicine waste. Medicine waste is hazardous to the environment and can cause a reoccurrence of infections hence they should be disposed of keenly. Some medicine waste can be treated. Some organizations called medicine waste disposal companies provide specialized services in the treatment and disposal of medicine waste. The following are the most preferred ways of disposing and treating medicine waste.

Chemical treatment is the first medicine waste treatment method. Chemical treatment involves the mixing of certain liquids or solid chemicals with the medicine waste so as to disinfect medical waste. Calcium oxide and chlorine are the common chemicals in medicine waste treatment. The treatment process may also produce harmful gases hence a person should be in protective gear and be keen when carrying out the treatment process. Use of chemical to treat medicine waste is an on-site process since the waste is treated in areas within the health facilities.

The second method is burying or land disposal. Treated and decontaminated medical waste is normally buried in the ground or disposed on land where burning can be done later. Medicine waste which lacks any other method of disposal can be disposed on land or buried. Sanitary landfill is used to prevent contamination of water and soil in cases where decontamination of medicine waste is impossible. Injection wells are used in disposing of hazardous liquid medicine waste. The medicine waste is thrown away in fenced areas where only the authorized people are allowed to get in.

The third method of medicine waste treatment is autoclaving. Autoclaving involves the heating of medicine waste at high temperatures so that all the bacteria and microorganisms are killed. A high-temperature cooker is used in heating this medicine waste before they are disposed of in landfills. One should consider the size of the size of the autoclaving furnace before purchasing one.

Irradiation is the other method of medicine waste treatment. Gamma rays which have very high frequencies are subjected to medicine waste to kill bacteria.

Use of microwaves is also used in treating medicine waste. The process of microwave treatment is like the irradiation process but microwaves are subjected to moist medicine waste. Moist can be added to dry medicine waste to make the microwave treatment effective.

These are the most common processes of medicine waste treatment and disposal.

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